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What happens when you put in the same online  room teenagers from two countries separated by an entire ocean? Well you don’t have to stress out trying to figure it out, because Italy’s Bernardino Telesio High School and Brazil’s Univali already did that!

Not even a pandemic can separate our passion for travelling and meeting new people. In just 3 online meetings with the help of our teachers we made plenty of new friendships. We chatted about our cities, our countries and, our personal favorite, the food traditions! We quickly learnt brand new things about each others countries! We felt really proud about our hometown and we also felt super curious about Brazil’s lifestyle and its wonderful landmarks. The students were so kind and sweet. We shared power point presentations about all the things that we are passionate about.images 2

Personally I loved Cecilia’s presentation in which she showed us so many Brazilians recipes that made us super hungry. Every little moment in those meeting became a lifetime experience that we look forward to do again hopefully in person!

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In the novelty-packed 16th century, Italian philosopher Bernardino Telesio spoke in his studies of a force that ran through matter, inciting action, change and movement. A phenomenal contribution to the scientific revolution of the Modern Age, inspiring names such as Francis Bacon and Descartes, Telesio's heritage of knowledge binds, to this day, the foundations of a school in his hometown, Cosenza, in the stunning Southern region of Calabria. 

This year, students from Colégio de Aplicação da UNIVALI, of Itajaí, were gifted with the opportunity of meeting and making bonds with students from Liceo Classico B. Telesio, of Cosenza, in an exciting new experience that marks another step of CAU’s venture into the world of international education. 

The first of the three online sessions that comprised the project was dedicated to casual introductions between the students, and friendliness began to sprout as we stumbled upon some unexpected similarities. In the second session, us in the Brazilian team familiarized our Italian partners with UNIVALI, the lively Itajaí and its neighboring cities, the diverse culture of Brazil and our tempting cuisine. For the third and last session, the Italian team made us gape at the dreamy landscapes of Calabria and teased our curiosity with its history, flourished by the legends of Ancient heroes. Furthermore, we were impressed to learn Cosenza holds an open-air museum, freely displaying works of world-renowned artists such as Modigliani and Salvador Dalí. As the session reached its ending, we got to take a peek at their liceo, hoping that, until the end of the year, we may visit it in person. And lastly, to close up the project with a ceremonial undertone, we were delighted to receive our certificates, printed by our Italian friends and sent all the way over from Cosenza. 

In these static times, giving a bright new meaning to Bernardino Telesio’s theories, UNIVALI and Liceo Classico B. Telesio are both eager to find new ways of keeping the transformative force of knowledge in motion, especially when it has the task of inciting change in the lives of the younger generations, which are bound, sooner or later, to become the moving forces of the future. 

To the dedicated team behind the project, Profª. Arlete, Prof. Luciano and Prof.ssa Catia Mele, our wholehearted thank you! And to our friends in Italy, we hope to see you again soon! 

Maria Angelica Mesadri Diniz



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